Learn the Basics of Roullete


Roullete is a French variation of the game Biribi, where players put chips in numbered spots on a wheel in an attempt to guess which number will land on its corresponding spot. The game can be played individually or with a group of players. Whether playing alone or with a team, the most important thing is to find a good table and make your decisions based on odds.

French roulette

In the French Roulette game, there are three basic types of bets: Voisins du Zero, Le Tiers du Cylinder, and Orphelins. These bets can cover many numbers and can be easy to understand. However, to win at French Roulette, you need to learn the rules and bets associated with each.

American roulette

In American roulette, you can place as many bets as you like. You can choose to bet on individual numbers or on a number combination. To place a bet on a single number, simply drag a chip onto the table layout.

European roulette

European Roulette has a large variety of betting options, including single numbers and groups of numbers. In addition to the traditional white, black, red, and odd/even bets, players can also place a Straight Up bet. With a Straight Up bet, players can directly bet on any number on the wheel.

Basket bets

Roullete basket bets are a kind of bet in which you place a bet on a group of five numbers. This kind of bet can only be made on American roulette. This type of bet has the lowest winning odds. It also has the highest house edge of all the bets.

Inside bets

Roullete inside bets involve betting on a single number on the layout. The player places one chip on the number, and the other must stay off the borders surrounding the number. If the inside bet pays out, the player keeps the original bet. The other type of bet is a straight-up bet, which is a bet on any of the 36 numbers or on either the single zero or double zero.

Outside bets

Unlike inside bets, outside bets on Roullete carry a lower risk and are less likely to lose money. This type of bet is best for beginners and inexperienced players who don’t want to risk losing too much money. However, this type of bet requires a moderate strategy.