Changes to the Illinois Lotto Game Will Help Create More Millionaires


Lottery games first became common in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century. They were established to help the poor and raised money for a variety of public purposes. They were also a popular tax alternative. One of the oldest running lotteries is the Staatsloterij of the Netherlands, which was founded in 1726. The word lottery derives from the Dutch noun “lot” which means “fate.”

Lotto is an Illinois-only $2 jackpot game

The Illinois Lottery has recently announced changes to its Lotto game that will improve your chances of winning, and help create more millionaires in the state. These changes will make your tickets enter two additional draws, each resulting in a new chance to win $1 million. In addition, Lotto tickets will now contain fewer numbers (50 instead of 52), which will further increase your odds of winning.

The Illinois Lottery started drawing numbers in February 1983, and has since expanded to offer multiple drawings a day. In November 2012, the Illinois Lottery introduced the Extra Shot feature, which lets players choose multiple drawings from a single ticket. Players who win a drawing can use the Extra Shot option to increase their prize.

The Illinois Lottery offers more than 70 instant tickets, ranging in price from $1 to $2, as well as $10, $20, and $25. Prizes range from $500 to $5 million. Players can also play online, where they can buy tickets and check the results.

It is a pari-mutuel game

Lotto is a type of pari-mutuel game in which players buy lottery tickets in hopes of matching up a specific set of numbers with a prize. Prize amounts vary based on the number of players and gross ticket sales, with the more populated states having bigger jackpot prizes. Each drawing ends with a prize announcement, including the estimated grand prize amount, which is made public.

Lotto is a pari-mutual game that is available in most states. A player can win a prize by matching any three, four, or five numbers. Players can use the money won to buy an annuity. The game’s popularity has spanned centuries, with colonial America using lotteries to fund public projects. The Academy Lottery, for example, helped finance the University of Pennsylvania in 1755.

It has a $1 million first division prize

One lucky Lotto player will wake up this morning richer than he or she was last night. A ticket sold in Porirua, Auckland and Waipawa won the first division prize. However, the Powerball did not come up on Saturday night, so the jackpot will grow to $5 million on Wednesday. Despite this, Lotto has reminded players to check their tickets for any errors.