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PreEnact Indy

PreEnactment theater envisions a neighborhood that OUGHT to be—just, equitable, and economically vibrant. Our stage is an entire three blocks of 16th Street.  From the Monon to Andrew J. Brown.  Every vacant lot/building, existing business, street lane and sidewalk is part of the stage.  Set designers will build temporary facades on the vacant lots and spruce up the abandoned buildings.  Actors will act out an equitable way of living and will model a neighborhood that is revitalized, but is also inclusive. 13 professional theater groups (IRT, Asante Children’s Theater, NoExit, Sapphire, Freetown Village, etc) are partners.  3 schools and 20 neighborhood groups are also participating.
The performance is Saturday, October 7 from 10-5.  Free and open to the public, the event will blur the lines between a community festival and theater production.Unique and vibrant communities benefit the whole city. Great visual and performance art sets can spur the very best community and economic development. High-performing schools, great transit opportunities, and distinct community gathering spaces and events offer residents a walkable, vibrant community where everyone knows they belong. We can't wait to see actors, artists and designers replace blight and vacancy with active businesses that the neighborhood wants and needs, that are accessible to the whole community! Pre-Enactment Theater has the potential to spur creative neighborhood development across our country. 

This Indianapolis theater and arts collaboration is the first of its kind and will serve as a national model for creative placemaking and  neighborhood revitalization

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cafe and community center

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DREAm Community center

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Dream community center

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Dream community center

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ips facade

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dream Community Center


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welcome center

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welcome center